Event Info

August 12-14, 2016

Imperial Pub @ 6pm

Casual hangout, unofficial formal night. Dress to impress, meet some new folks, and prepare your bodies for Saturday. For those arriving in town early, check out the forum or Facebook event to discuss day plans!

Imperial Pub BACKROOM
1PM-1:30PM: Check-in and raffle open
2PM-3:30PM: Podcast and Q&A with Barb
Imperial Pub UPSTAIRS
6PM-8PM: Open play board games
7:00PM: Raffle winners announced
8:30PM: Ceremohnial Irish Carbombs

9PM: Jeff Rupert performance
(schedule may change slightly leading up to the event)

Golden Griddle @ 10am
Ceremonial recovery brunch. Join us as early or as late as you’d like, we’ll be here a while. Just keep the noise down, we’ve got a headache.
Imperial Pub @ 6pm

Enjoy a lazy day in the city, and then come bid us farewell for what will certainly be an emotional and profound evening celebrating the love and friendship of this community.

SPECIAL GUEST: Barbara Dunkelman

To get in touch with other community members/event attendees you can visit and follow our official Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our official RoosterTeeth Group page!

Questions? Contact us at at info@touncon.com or via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.