About Us

Toronto: Unconventional is an Internet community event based in Toronto, Ontario. We had our humble beginning nearly 10 years ago when a group of nerds got together and decided to make a fan event for a show on the web called “Red vs Blue”. That event would be known as RvBTO, and would go on strong for eight years under that name. Due to increasingly busy grown-up lives, the creators of RvBTO decided to retire the event, but they wanted the community spirit to live on, and that’s where we come in.

TO: Uncon is an event for members of the RT Community, run by members of the RT community. This event is about YOU GUYS. Because, over 10 years, we have come to realize that sometimes our favourite part of going to a convention is getting to hang out with your friends after it.

In keeping with the tradition of the past, Toronto: Unconventional remains a not-for-profit event with a donation made to charity every year. Our charity of choice is Child’s Play – a group that brings joy and entertainment to children undergoing medical treatments and procedures in hospitals and treatment centres in North America.

Now we’d like to tell you a little bit about the folks behind the curtain…


Charlie Lawton is thrilled to be involved with Toronto: Unconventional. Going to past RVBTO events made Charlie the man he is today – and for that they should be blamed. He can never forget them and will do everything in his power to make sure RvBTO’s spirit lives on in TO: Uncon. Charlie is known on the RT side as Film_Geek or the nickname Geekers. He’s been on the site for nearly a decade, starting out as a user not many people knew, being promoted to forum mod of the movies forum (he is still convinced this decision was purely based on his screen name) and finally being made into an Admin that still not many people know. He is constantly shocked when people recognize him from the Internet. Bringing a lot of experience with him from running a Rep cinema in Toronto and working with many different film festivals and events, Charlie uses all that knowledge to make Uncon the best he can. He’s also a working independent director in the Toronto film scene, have directed multiple features and music videos, and is currently working on post production for his latest feature film (again… or still… depending on which film we’re discussing). He is very excited to host this event, overcoming years of crippling stage fright.

He’s also the only person who actually wrote a bio. The rest are at Vicki’s mercy.


Mak, alias Toku, is our event coordinator. He makes sure people know we’re about to invade their places of business, videos all manner of shenanigans, and looks stunning in teal eye shadow.


Chris, also known as DiMono, flogs us mercilessly behind the scenes with various implements of torture, with such catchphrases as “Guys, we seriously need to focus”, and “Charlie, don’t stick your hand in there”. Terrifyingly, he is the voice of reason.


Brandon, username Baraxis, is the newest addition to the Uncon staff. Member of the RT forums since 2006 and first attended RvBTO in 2008, some of Brandon’s best friends and most cherished memories have come from this community. He produces and hosts a podcast called Retcast, which performed live at Uncon 2015, and will be returning to the 2016 event! We put him in charge of social media because the rest of us are too easily distracted by shiny things to stay on top of it. We keep begging him to cook for us, but deep down we know our bodies are not ready.


Vicki is a mean ghost.