About Us

Toronto: Unconventional is an Internet community event based in Toronto, Ontario. We had our humble beginning nearly 10 years ago when a group of nerds got together and decided to make a fan event for a show on the web called “Red vs Blue”. That event would be known as RvBTO, and would on strong for eight years under that name. However, due to increasingly busy grown-up lives, the creators of RvBTO decided to retire the event, but they wanted the community spirit to live on; and that’s where we come in.

TO:UnCon is an event for members of the RT Community, run by members of the RT community. This event is about YOU GUYS. Because, over 10 years, we have come to realize that sometimes our favourite part of going to a convention, is getting to hang out with your friends after it.

In keeping with the tradition of the past, Toronto: Unconventional remains a not-for-profit event with a donation made to charity every year. Our charity of choice is Child’s Play – a group that brings joy and entertainment to children undergoing medical treatments and procedures in hospitals and treatment centres in North America.

Now we’d like to tell you a little bit about the folks behind the curtain…



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